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Income Protection can help cover your outgoings if you ‘re unable to work due to an accident or sickness.

This can help make sure essential outgoings could be paid and your family would continue to be provided for. Your Income Protection plan would begin to pay a monthly benefit after a chosen period of time, if you suffer illness or an accident – then continue to pay either until the policy ends or you return to work.

You could protect up to 70% of your salary before tax, which could make all the difference if government support and your employers long term sick pay wouldn’t be enough to cover your livings costs.

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Income Protection policy options

There are a range of options to tailor your Income Protection policy to suit your situation and budget. The policy length and payouts can vary, along with when your cover would pay out if you were unable to work. Our advisors will put together a policy tailored to you – here’s a few of the things they’ll take into consideration with you;

  • Short term or long term – The ‘term’ of the policy is the period of time it lasts. As the name suggests, a short-term policy will pay out your benefit amount for 1-2 years. A long-term plan could cover you all the way up to your retirement age.
  • Increasing or level cover – The cover type is whether the monthly payout changes throughout the duration of your cover. A policy with level cover will remain constant. Increasing cover goes up (by 3% each year) and can help to provide some protection against the risk of inflation.
  • Deferred commencement period– This is how long you have to be off work before you start to receive your monthly benefit. The ‘deferred’ period can range from 1 week to 12 months- generally, the longer you wait, the cheaper your monthly premiums will be.

Did you know…

  • 88% of new Income Protection claims were paid out in 2018
  • Your Income Protection cover can be adjusted if your circumstances change- most income protection policies are flexible, meaning that your level of cover can be increased or decreased to suit your circumstances – e.g. if you get a new job
  • Our expert advisors can discuss all the options with you and provide a protection quote tailored just for you- give us a call on 0203 540 5800.

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